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California faces many challenges and there is still much work to be done in Sacramento. I will continue to work as hard for you and your family as I do for my own.


Meet Brian Dahle

Brian Dahle is a farmer and small business owner who has served as a County Supervisor, Assemblymember and Assembly Republican Leader. Brian is a statewide leader in efforts to prevent wildfires and has earned 100% ratings from both the California Taxpayers Association and the California Police Chiefs Association.

Photo: Brian Dahle


Conservation of water should be a top priority of the state and it should be done while developing new water storage.

As a small business owner I know how regulations from Sacramento hurt the bottom line.

By providing local solutions with pathways to job development and professional growth, we can provide a better solution to combating poverty across the state.

Every child deserves an education that prepares them for today’s dynamic economy.

I will work to give people more healthcare options and reorient the system toward preventive medicine, which costs less.

All I’m asking you is to do what they do. Get in the game.