The Dahle family story doesn’t begin with Brian Dahle. It starts generations before his election to the California Assembly in 2012.  In 1929, a World War I veteran by the name of Norman Dahle drew a homestead in Northern California where he began farming potatoes and grain. Eighty-eight years later, his grandson, Brian Dahle, continues the Dahle family heritage as a farmer in Northern California.

Unfortunately, like so many other California small business owners, the Dahle’s recognize the tremendous threat posed by a one-party controlled state government, an endless stream of new and increasingly aggressive regulations and never-ending escalation in taxes. Brian entered politics 21 years ago, serving on the Board of Supervisors in Lassen County where he led the fight to balance the county budget. After serving the people of Lassen County for over a decade , he was elected to serve the people of District 1 in 2012.  As Brian left for the Assembly, Lassen County was debt free and the employee pensions were fully funded.  AD 1 is the largest geographic Assembly district in the state covering 25,000 square miles.

For as long as Brian is called to serve in elected office he will be a fearless advocate for the hardworking, taxpaying citizens and small business owners.

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