“I am a farmer, business owner, husband, father and citizen legislator who is fighting to build a better future for Northern California.

I held PG&E and agencies accountable for wildfires, and I’m working to prevent future wildfire disasters, and I’m helping Carr and Camp fire victims recover.

Defeating $29 billion in new taxes and keeping property taxes down by protecting Prop 13 allowed you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Leading a statewide campaign to re-instate DNA collection for convicts will help police solve more crimes.

I fought to cut health care costs with bipartisan legislation to end the gouging of hospital patients with surprise out-of-network bills, improve preventative health care and make pharmaceutical companies more accountable for rising drug prices.

I fought to stop state budget cuts from closing Northern California hospitals.

Opposing schemes to send water to Southern California will help ensure our farms and families have the water needed.

Garnering support for career training and after-school programs help North State students.

Leading a statewide campaign to re-instate DNA collection for convicts will help police solve more crimes.

As your Senator, I’ll continue fighting for Northern California families, small businesses and schools.

My record earned me 100% ratings from the California Taxpayers Association and California Police Chiefs Association.

The California Professional Firefighters, County Farm Bureau, six county sheriffs, small business owners, and veterans support me. I hope you do too.  Please call me at (530) 251-3888 or visit with any questions.”


"A" Rated by the California Taxpayer's Association 

Brian’s unwavering commitment in the fight against new taxes helped kill billions of dollars in new taxes and protected Proposition 13 from liberal schemes to raise taxes on homeowners.  

Brian’s good work on taxes earned him A ratings from both the California Taxpayers Association and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association.  

100% Rated by the California Police Chiefs Association

Brian is leading efforts to repeal policies that release dangerous prisoners as well as working to reinstate DNA collection of convicts so police can apprehend more criminals. He also backed a measure requiring schools to train employees on how to prevent child abuse, and has fought to protect victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and elder abuse.

Brian is endorsed by six county sheriffs and earned a 100% rating from the California Police Chiefs Association for his good work.

A Statewide Leader in Efforts to Prevent Wildfires

Assemblyman Dahle led efforts to reduce the chance of wildfires, improve response times when they do occur and hold PG&E accountable when their mistakes lead to wildfires. As our Senator, he will continue working with state and federal authorities to better manage forests and vegetation, give firefighters the resources they need to protect our families and hold those who cause fires accountable.

Helping our Veterans

Assemblyman Dahle is a strong advocate for our veterans. 

Brian has worked to make college more affordable for veterans and improve their opportunities to land good jobs, and he backed legislation to get homeless veterans back on their feet.

A Business Owner to Fight Excessive Regulations

Brian is a farmer and small business owner who knows how excessive regulations make businesses less productive and discourage hiring. That’s why he led the fight to oppose schemes to raise a raft of taxes, and organized efforts to reduce the regulatory burden on California’s small businesses. 

A Farmer Working for Reliable Water Supplies 

Brian took 4,000 signatures supporting two new reservoirs to the California Water Commission to push them to approve new storage facilities as quickly as possible so Northern California farms and families will have the reliable water supplies they deserve.  

Improved Career Training  

By garnering bipartisan support for career training programs, Brian provided the opportunity to improve job skills and help young people find good-paying jobs without leaving their communities.

Kept Hospitals Open

Brian knows too many families struggle to pay for health care and that rural communities suffer from a lack of quality health care options. That’s why he is working to reduce health care costs by improving preventative care and is proud to have worked across party lines to prevent six North State hospitals from closing.

Protecting the 2ndAmendment

Brian was “A” rated by Gun Owners of California in 2018.